Message From Scott:
Gasparilla's Treasure:
Scott's first middle grade novel,
Gasparilla's Treasure is a fast paced adventure novel which follows Trip Montgomery on his quest through St Augustine, Florida to find the treasure of famed pirate Jose Gaspar.

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ForgSecDigitalCoverThe Forgotten Secret:
Released in April 2013,
The Forgotten Secret is the sequel to Gasparilla’s Treasure. Trip and the gang team up with mysterious adventurer Juan Gonzalez on a quest to unite The Triumvirate, a legendary trio of mystical items that when brought together, will give the holder unimaginable power.

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The Protector of Peace:
Released in August 2014, The
Protector of Peace is the final installment in the adventures of Trip Montgomery. The Protector of Peace is packed with adventure as Trip follows clues left by the Founding Fathers of the United States, in hope of stopping The Destroyer from ruling the world. If he fails and The Destroyer unites all three pieces of The Triumvirate, the world as we know it will change forever.

That Pet Finder Kid - Catnapped:
Released in October 2012, That Pet Finder Kid follows socially awkward Chet Parker as he helps the most popular girl in school find her missing cat, Mr. Fluffy Pants.

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Corey and Daisy - The Ball

When Corey loses his ball, he and his purple dog Daisy, spend the day looking everywhere. A story of friendship and exploration, sure to be enjoyed again and again.

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