Message From Scott:
Once upon a time, there was a young boy living in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. As the youngest of three children, the boy was small. He watched from off stage as his sister danced and twirled on stage in whatever production his mother’s ballet company was performing. The boy and his brother worked with their father to build sets, hang lights, and do whatever technical things needed to be accomplished for the ballet. The boy loved being with his family as he watched the stories unfold on the stage in front of him.

One day, when the boy was going into 7th grade, he decided he wanted to play the trumpet. He joined the band and practiced really hard. The boy enjoyed being in the band because it allowed him to be a small part of a powerful team. When that team worked together as one, they could accomplish great things. When the boy made it to high school, he continued to play trumpet in one of the greatest marching bands in the southeast.

The boy and his friends loved to make goofy videos, so it was no surprise when he decided to go into the movie and television business. He went to college and studied to become a sound mixer. While in college, he met a beautiful princess and four years later they were married.

The boy became a man, spending years working behind the scenes on movies and TV shows, again being part of talented teams that together could do amazing things. The man and the princess had a son of their own, and it was the greatest day in the man’s life. As his son grew and started to read books, the man decided he wanted to write stories his son could enjoy. Having been surrounded by the entertainment business his entire life, the man discovered he really enjoyed writing books.

The man currently lives in Orlando, Florida and is happy every time someone reads one of his books. He continues to work on movies, TV shows, and his books in hopes that he can help entertain all the people in the kingdom.

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